Nurse Consultant

The Trust is currently working with the Royal Brompton Hospital to create a Nurse Consultant post for the inherited cardiac care team, with the aim of delivering further improvement in patient care and understanding of individuals’ conditions.

The post holder will be an expert in their field, driving excellence through service leadership, direct patient care, research and education, without many of the management responsibilities generally associated with roles of this level of seniority.

The Nurse Consultant will devote at least half of their time to clinical work, focusing on acute, long term and more complex cases, and providing expert support and advice to nursing staff in patient care delivery.

Equally important will be using their academic achievement and exceptional knowledge and skills in this highly specialised area to teach, raise the profile of the service, encourage further research and apply evidence based nursing directly back into patient care.

This would be a first in this area of inherited cardiac care and one that would once again demonstrate what can be achieved in imaginative service development.